Seattle Central is now composting

Thanks to a collaboration between the Student Sustainability Committee and Facilities staff, two composting stations are now installed in the Atrium.  The composting program aims to help students spread a culture of sustainability, save the college money (trash is more expensive than compost) and meet waste reduction targets.

Through a recent campus survey, the Student Sustainability Committee found that waste reduction is a top priority for students and staff across the campus. Over 95 percent of people surveyed said they would like to see composting available on campus, and there was overwhelming support for expanding recycling services across the campus.

In addition to the two composting stations installed in the Atrium, a number of other waste reduction initiatives are in the works. Seattle Central plans to expand composting stations to the Buzz Café and other high-traffic food areas. Additionally, a pilot program will be implemented this summer to remove trash bins from classrooms as other colleges have found that 90 percent of classroom waste is recyclable or compostable.

The Student Sustainability Committee and Facilities staff also plan to create a standard set of collection bins for trash, recycling, and compost to make it easier and clearer for students, staff, and faculty looking to properly sort waste. Central will make these waste stations immovable to ensure that they can be found consistently across the campus.

Through these initiatives, the Student Sustainability Committee and the Facilities staff at Central aim to make a positive contribution to campus operations, student life and the Seattle Central’s commitment to sustainability.

For more information about Central’s waste reduction initiatives please contact