Dr. Myrtle Mitchell named “Wireless Educator of the Year”

Seattle – Dr. Myrtle Mitchell, Executive Dean for Workforce Education at Seattle Central Community College, has been honored as a “Wireless Educator of the Year” by the Global Wireless Education Consortium (GWEC). The GWEC is a national consortium focused upon collaboration between wireless industry and education and expansion of wireless technology curriculum at two-year and four-year academic institutions.

This “Wireless Educator of the Year” award honors the achievements of two undergraduate educators – one at the two-year community college level and one at the university level – whose demonstrated leadership in the wireless field is given a grade of “A+”. The award acknowledges the fundamental and foundational work of educators in preparing students for employment in the wireless and wireless-related industries.

Dr. Mitchell’s many accomplishments include her role as senior project officer for Washington’s published Skill Standards for Wireless Telecommunications. She was also instrumental in the creation of Seattle Central’s Wireless Telecommunications Program, a six-quarter evening program offering a curriculum designed to prepare individuals for careers in the wireless telecommunications industry. The program – jointly designed by business, labor, and Seattle Central – provides computer-assisted education linking college transfer courses, hands-on technical courses, work-based learning experiences, and computer literacy.

For more information, please contact Danny Howe, Seattle Central Communications Director, at (206) 934-5485.