Media Contact

The Communications and Marketing team is the primary Seattle Central media contact for journalists, serving as a resource for information and story ideas about the college. Contact us to receive official college press releases and to request interviews with college leaders, faculty and/or students.

Adam Russell
Director of Marketing and Communications
Seattle Central College

Seattle Central Media Contact Mailing Address

Seattle Central College
Communications and Marketing
1701 Broadway, Room BE4180
Seattle, WA 98122

Student Information Disclosure Policy

Students are covered by a federal law called FERPA – which stands for “Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.” This law protects the confidentiality of certain information and records pertaining to students, including those at Seattle Central Community College. Unless the student consents (or a FERPA exception applies), Seattle Central is prohibited from disclosing to third parties information from a student’s education records.

Directory Information

FERPA permits colleges to define several types of student information as “directory information,” which Seattle Central may disclose to third parties without students’ consent (unless the student has requested in writing that the college NOT disclose directory information about that student).

  • Student’s name
  • Enrollment status in the college
  • Date(s) of enrollment
  • Area of study
  • Awards granted by the college
  • Participation in official sports activities
  • Weight and height of athletic team members, AND
  • Email address

Exceptions to the directory–information–only restrictions are: Judicial subpoena of records, upon condition that the college makes a reasonable effort to notify the student in advance of release of records. Emergency situations, if knowledge of personal information is necessary to protect the health or safety of a student or other person(s).

Seattle Central College Logos and Brand Guide

A few tips on file usage:

  • The .eps files are best used for print. The png files are used for the web or on-screen viewing (i.e. email, etc.)
  • If you "double-click" or "File/Open" the files will open in Adobe Illustrator. If you want to use them in Word, Publisher, Outlook, InDesign, etc. you must: import > place > insert > picture from file or dragging into another document.
  • The white logos won’t show up unless you place them onto a darker background.
  • The eps (print) files can be enlarged as much as you want without any degradation. However, be sure to hold down the shift key while resizing or the logos will distort.
  • However, the png files are bitmap images and are set up large enough for most on-screen viewing purposes. They can be enlarged a small amount (15-20% max), but they will start to look blurry and pixelated if they are enlarged any more than that. (For the most part, they are large enough to fill most screens entirely without extra enlargement.) Once again, if resizing, it is essential to hold down the shift key or the logo will distort.

Download this zip file for logos (file contains both print and digital format) or the Seattle Central Tiger mascot logo. View or download brand guidelines (pdf) or the mascot logo guidelines (PDF).

Seattle Colleges District Logos

Download this zip file (file contains both print and digital format).

Seattle Central Department Logos

Download zip file below (file contains both print and digital format).