Director of Public Safety named to Mayor Murray’s LGBT task force

Director of Public Safety Elman McClain was asked to serve on a task force formed by Mayor Ed Murray earlier this month. The task force will address the recent rise in hate crimes against LGBT individuals in Capitol Hill and the city of Seattle.  The group is comprised of 28 representatives from area businesses, advocacy groups, the Seattle Police Department and more. McClain was asked to represent the college, as the campus is as a focal point for the Capitol Hill community.

“We want to integrate the efforts to make our campus safer with those of the community to bring a greater feeling of safety to our students and our neighborhood,” said McClain.

McClain hopes that new campus emergency phone towers and surveillance cameras slated to be installed soon will add to the surrounding community’s overall safety. The committee will meet four times over the course of the summer at the Capitol Hill library. They will work together to increase safety and LGBT visibility in Capitol Hill and citywide.