Creative Academy students create inspiring videos for Believe Gala

First-year Creative Academy students in instructor Marc Salverda’s new media class created inspiring videos that were on display during the Foundation’s Believe Gala earlier this month. Highlighting the importance of education and scholarships, the powerful films were a key element of a record-breaking night of fundraising. The student filmmakers were on hand to explain their works to gala guests.

“We really tried to get the whole school involved in a way that was fun and memorable,” said Joseph Lambert, a design student whose group created a video with the tagline, “Education Lifts Everyone.” “We wanted to do it in a way that made the process of applying for scholarships more engaging.”

Though these videos were meant to highlight the importance of the Foundation’s work to potential donors, the videos had an unexpected result: they contributed to a 38 percent increase in scholarship applications for the 2015-16 academic year by making the application process more visible to students. Watch these creative videos here.