Celebration brings George Tsutakawa Fountain back to life on the Seattle Central campus

After working to raise more than $40,000 to restore the Tsutakawa “Fountain,” a historic sculpture located on campus, faculty and staff of Seattle Central College will host a rededication ceremony on Thursday, June 4, where the fountain’s waters will flow for the first time in years.

In 1973, internationally recognized artist George Tsutakawa honored Seattle Central College with Fountain, one of only 70 such works the artist produced world-wide and the only one installed at a community college. His fountains can be also be found on the campuses of Seattle University and the University of Washington.

A graduate of the Broadway High School, which closed at the end of World War II and was located where the college now stands, Tsutakawa crafted “Fountain” at the height of Seattle’s grassroots equality movements in the seventies. The sculpture serves as a reminder of the college’s Japanese American past, Tsutakawa’s roots in a community devastated by injustice during the internment of Japanese Americans during the war, and the struggles for social justice embraced by Seattle Central’s students.

For the past two and a half years, a small but dedicated group of students, staff, faculty and community members has been diligently working to restore “Fountain.” Sculptor Gerald Tsutakawa, son of George, and a team of Seattle Central facilities staff completed restoration work, bringing the sculpture back to life as a focal point for the college and community.

“This work of art signifies the dreams made available through community support of public education, and reminds us that maintaining opportunities for students and fostering their creativity opens doorways that we can never imagine,” said Ken Matsudaira, coordinator of the campus art gallery and a member of the renovation committee.


WHAT:  Rededication ceremony for the Tsutakawa Fountain sculpture

WHEN:  Thursday, June 4, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Program begins at 6:30.

WHERE: The Atrium, in the main Broadway-Edison building on the Seattle Central campus. Enter at 1715 Harvard Ave.

ENTRANCE:  The event is free and open to the public; no tickets or RSVP are required; to request sign language accommodations, please email signlangreq@seattlecolleges.edu by May 28.



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