Partnership with local union supports educational advancement of healthcare workers

This quarter, the Basic and Transitional Studies (BTS) Division is helping workers at two local hospitals boost their digital literacy and English language skills. Seattle Central instructors developed a two-credit online course tailored to the needs of service workers in hospitals, which increasingly require employees to operate computerized systems as part of their jobs. Instructors will integrate practical activities into the ESL coursework, such as encouraging students to fill out an employer health survey that will save them money on their health insurance. Literacy Source, a local non-profit that provides adult literacy tutoring, also provides in-person support at the two job sites to help students with the online class content.

Seattle Central worked with the Service Employees International Union to establish these classes as an opportunity for lower-level employees to take advantage of the union’s training and education fund, supported by employee dues. This project is a pilot that models how the college can provide workplace-based training in partnership with local employers and unions.