College prepares for restroom renovation

Students and staff can look forward to renovated third floor restrooms starting in early July.

Two sets of restrooms on the third floor of the Broadway Edison (BE) building (see map below) will shut down for renovation starting in early March.

The set of restrooms located near Basic and Transitional Studies (BTS) and the student computer labs will be converted into an all-gender restroom.

According to Dave Ernevad, director of Capital Projects and Environmental Safety at Seattle Central, many students have complained about the condition of the restrooms, all of which are over 40 years old and have failing infrastructure.

“This renovation project is an important way that we can improve the experience of students and employees who study and work in our buildings each day,” Dave said.

During construction, the fourth floor restrooms above the third floor restrooms will also shut down, one at a time, for a short period.

Students and instructors may hear construction noise during instructional hours, but workers will try to limit disruptions.