Holocaust course to offer profound insight on the world-altering genocide

Students will gain a deep understanding of the voices and historical significance of the Holocaust this spring.

Through firsthand accounts, literature and historical documents, students enrolling in CSP 250, Holocaust: Memory and Meaning, will learn about the documented experience of the Holocaust.

“The Holocaust is about the resistance to genocide and human resilience,” said Nada Oakley, an English instructor at Seattle Central. “It shows how far we will go in a climate of hate and how human beings stood up to that. Some people don’t realize that even though six million people died, people did stand up and resist.”

This course is designed for students who wish to examine complex historical and literary questions, as well as reflect upon human rights, ethics and values. One unique feature of the class is having two instructors, Nada and history instructor Tracy Lai. This will facilitate more individualized attention for students.

The 10-credit class, which is the equivalent of taking two courses, will meet for two hours each day, which will give students enough time to deeply engage with this complex historical event. Students enrolled will choose two degree requirements for this course to satisfy.

As part of the course, a visit is planned to the Holocaust Center for Humanity, to engage with speakers and view artifacts in the museum.

For more information, please contact Nada Oakley or Tracy Lai.