Maritime set to host experiential day for high school students

High school students will gather at Seattle Maritime Academy to learn about maritime safety, emergency preparedness and more.

Seattle Maritime Academy, in partnership with the Youth Maritime Collaborative (YMC), will host a “Maritime and Marine Science Experiential Day” on March 30 to educate young people about the maritime industry and marine science.

Over 200 high school students and 50 teachers and counselors are expected to attend, where they will learn about a variety of topics through workshops on line handling, knot tying, survival at sea, ocean acidification, climate monitoring and more. Seattle Maritime Academy students will lead several workshops, along with other sponsors including National Oceanic and Atmospheric (NOAA), North Pacific Fishing Vessel Owners’ Association and the OceanGate Foundation.

As the rate of retirements in the current maritime workforce accelerate, the industry is working to recruit workers to take their place. The YMC, an informal organization made up of maritime companies, non-profits, public agencies and educational institutions, like the academy, is dedicated to generating awareness of and in interest in the maritime industry among young people, using events like this.