The Seattle Central Griot, Oct. 14, 2021

A message from the acting president

Dr. Yoshiko HardenOver the last few weeks many of us were able to experience something we have not seen since March of 2020 – a lot of students, walking, talking, and mingling in our Broadway Edison building.

As I walked around the BE building, I observed students in the library — check out the renovation when you can — working on computers and studying in the new study rooms. I saw Welcome Week volunteers outfitted in matching t-shirts greeting students, reminding them to complete their wellness form and walking folks to different offices.

This is visible proof that we are turning the dial back towards the day when we can fully return to in-person services and classes on campus, and that the folks who have been on site since the beginning will have more company soon.

This week, we got more evidence of this. According to the latest enrollment report, we are 1 percent above the full-time equivalent enrollments we had last fall. This an amazing achievement, considering that enrollments nationwide were down by 13.2 percent this spring.

Although enrollment will continue to be a challenge, the new figures are the product of the hard work of staff in Outreach and Admissions, Registration, ID Center, our advisers, counselors and financial aid specialists, our marketing team, student leadership, and of everyone else who provided services over recent weeks to help students to enroll. Faculty and instructional divisions office staff continued to respond to students’ needs and to provide guidance and information regarding Fall Quarter classes.

The next few weeks will continue to test our capacity to serve our students. We are understaffed in some areas; it will take some time for us to build staffing levels.

As we gradually get back to campus, turning the dial to more in-person instruction and services and community spaces, I ask that we continue to foster a community of care, support, compassion for ourselves and each other.

Our mission and our vision of a liberated and equitable community will guide us into the new “normal.” I look forward to the day when we can talk about the pandemic as something from the past but without forgetting the lessons we’ve learned since March 2020.

In the meantime, please be patient and kind to each other. We’ll get there, together.

Yoshiko Harden, Ed.D, Acting President


$1.5 million grant will support Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander students

Seattle Central College has been awarded a $1.5 million Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institutions (AANAPISI) program grant by the US Department of Education to improve and expand the college’s capacity to serve Asian Americans, Native American Pacific Islanders, and low-income individuals.

One third of academic transfer and professional technical students at Seattle Central in 2019-20 were AANAPI . About 44 percent of degree-seeking AANAPI students enrolled in fall 2019 were first-generation, compared to 35 percent of white students.

The 5-year grant will support efforts at the college to help AANAPI students to succeed in their academics, help them to transition into careers or college level programs, and to create a more culturally responsive curriculum and culture at the college.

a mosaic of indigenous images

Central 2 Community celebrates Indigenous Peoples Day

The Central 2 Community speaker series celebrated Indigenous Peoples Day with a virtual discussion and presentation by Seattle Central Instructor Maya Esquivido (Nor Rel Muk Wintu and Hupa), and alumni Justice Bill (Muckleshoot) and Katana Peterson (Cowichan). They reflected  on the role of Indigenous knowledge in the college setting.

a painting in vivid colors of a young woman with ancestors

Art celebrates Asian American experience at Central

Students visiting the advising office will now be welcomed by a new painting from Seattle artist Toka Valu.

The piece is titled Manongi and it is inspired by the book Su’esu’eManogi by HH Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Ta’isi Efi, former head of state of Independent Samoa. It explores the connection with ancestors and references the Oriental Student Union protest of 1971 that led to the hiring of Frank Fujii and other inaugural Asian American administrators at Seattle Central College.

Toka Valu is an indigenous Pacific Islander artist and illustrator brought up in a family from Tonga.

NEH grant will center indigenous perspectives

Seattle Central College has been awarded a $147,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities American Rescue Plan. The grant will support a faculty learning community to redesign humanities curricula and pedagogy to better include indigenous perspectives.

The grant project will be managed by Maya Esquivido (Nor Rel Muk Wintu and Hupa), the 2021-22 Lecturer of Indigenous Studies (SCC) and Fellow of the UW Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies.

a zoom capture of the forum

Staff forum updaters campus

Acting President Yoshiko Harden and her leadership team held a virtual forum for staff on Sept. 30 to provide updates on our plans to return to campus this fall and to celebrate staff achievements. Click here for video and presentation slides.

Buzz Café opening

The Buzz Café will be back to full operations by Monday, Oct. 18, from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. In addition to coffee, espresso drinks and tea, the café will offer pastries, cookies, breads, cakes and other goodies from the pastry program.

New Springboard8 gift

Seattle Central has received a gift of $455,673 from an anonymous donor to hire staffing and expand the Springboard8 program at Central. The donor has also offered the possibility of making an additional $500,000 gift to incentivize matching gifts to bring Springboard8 to North and South Seattle colleges.

The Springboard8 program is a partnership with the consulting firm Slalom that provides coaching, mentoring, and financial assistance to a cohort of Black male students at the college, to help them graduate on time and to build the connections and networks to succeed afterwards. The program was featured in this story by King 5 TV

Clear you head

Mindful Meditation Zoom sessions are available FREE to all current students and staff, led by mindfulness team members from all three campuses, every Monday, throughout fall quarter. 12:10 - 12:30 p.m. Meeting Room URL:, password: Bliss!

emoticons of emotions

Stress management through breathing
Learn how you can practice relaxation skills to manage stress and feel better from Edna Daigre, Continuing Education Instructor. No registration required – just show up! Oct. 20, 10-11 a.m.  Join Zoom Meeting, password: 865066. More information.


Two recent graduates of our Culinary Academy are featured in the TV Food Network’s popular cooking competition Chopped. One student, Emme Ribiero appeared on Sept. 14, and Jenessa Sneva (also the chef owner of local Laotian sensation Taurus Ox) is scheduled for an October show.


We may be fully reopening the campus on Nov. 1, but many of our employees have worked on site through the entire pandemic, making sure that our buildings are clean, safe and functional, running our networks and information technology, teaching and helping to train the next generation of professionals. Without them, our college would fail.

We are grateful for their work ethic, their commitment to our students, and their faith in our mission. Here are their names, without locations or departments, because we are all in this together:


Aaron Ridenour

Gebrehiwot Zelelew

Micki Deputy

Adem Hayyu

Geela Greer

Maxwell Buckner

Adrian Burrage

George Johnson

Meriam Ali

Adrienne Von Wolffersdorff

George R Jr Babcock

Meridith Durant

Agatha Stavnesli

Gina Dunn

Michael Peterson

Aimee LePage

Grace Tseng

Michele Kelley-Goodlow

Al Bruce

Habtom (Thomas) Abraha

Michelle Slaughter

Allan Hamill

Hao Hua

Michelle Valint

Allison Brown

Hapsoh Du

Mike Koegel

Amin Shayegan

Haymanot Tadesse

Mila Tuble-Cabrera

Amy Schaller

Hien Hoang

Mohsen Barati

Angel Barradas

Irena Kulik

Monica Villarreal

Angi Anderson

Jacob Holt

Montana Diaz

Anthony Gonzalez

Jacob Severson

My Nguyen

Arlen Rushwald

Jaime Pena  

Nate Wright

Arthur Walker

James Barnes

Nathaniel Wright

Ashley Fox

James Ellis

Nicole Evans

Azeb Hailu

Janine Buis

Nicolina Berg

Azeb Hailu

Jared Visser

Nora Keire

Barbara Ceiga

Jason Devore

Norman Rabben

Barbara Jarrett

Jason Hoppe

Norman Rabben

Barry Robinson

Jason Hutson

Ondine Toler-Scott

Baylor Paschall

Jason Svendsen

Paul Lindstrom

Beth Beadling

Jazmin Patino-Arellano

Pre-Onna Roland

Bill Szigat

Jeff Keever

Quanita Anwar

Bliss Holloway

Jeff Rash

Quirino Colobong

Brian Kirk

Jen Clark

Quyen Luong

Bryan Rullan

Jennifer Benton

Rebecca Blackwell

Candida Garcia

Jerry Jordan

Rebecca Johnston

Catherine Lazaro

Jesse Weinstock

Rob Earle

Cathy Hakola

Jesus Tila

Rob Watt

Catie Chaplan

Jimmy Mullins

Robert Parker

Charles Elliott

Jimmy Truong

Robert Reeder

Chi-Ju Chen

Joel Workinger

Ruth Yawata

Chris DiNottia

John Harvey

Ryan Guilfoile

Chris Maund

Johnny Dwyer

Sal Lopiccolo

Cindy Cohen

Joseph Wong

Sam Laher

Craig Hetherington

Joy Locke

Sam Lunsford

Dale Bateman

Juana Mendoza

Samantha Baker

Dan Mikosz

Juli Guinasso

Sasha Alexander

Dan Parker

Julie Sheppard

Scott Mahoney

Danette Lee

Justin Babbitt

Sevgi Baran

Daniel Blanchard

Karen Jurgensen

Shannon Cook

Daniel Crowell

Katie Gourd Ascencio

Shellie Richter

Daniel Parker

Kelly Porter

Shiro Vance

Danny Blanchard

Kevin Grigsby

Spencer Echon

Danny Reed

Kevin Riley

Stacy Ament

Dany Green

Kevin Thomas

Steve Rochester

Darrell Jamieson

Kyle Darling

Sue Denure

Darryl Johnson

Lambert Tibayan

Tanya Kendall

Darwin Ruiz De La Riva

Lauren Acheson

Tari Beeks

Dave Borgatti

Lina Tjok

Tariq Ibn Sahali

David Julian

Linnet Blumenthal

Tarrell Forest-Parramore

Davie Bell 

Lisa Linville

Tess Evangelista

Dawnelle Wilkie

Lisa Ordway

Thi Vu

Deanna Maki

Liz Yau-Luu

Thomas Crotty

Delthia Wright Thompson

Loi Vo

Thu-Cuc Thi Luong

Denise Pierce

Louie Cayanan

Thuy Tran

Diane Coleman

Luciano Montanez

Tom Crotty

Diane Snyder

Maki Nikita

Ton Yazici

Diem Thuy Tran

Manjula Deo

Tony Luksich

Dominique Jones

Manuela Insixiengmay

Tony Velasquez

Dontay Alvarez

Margaret Argiro

Tracy Cook

Drew Flanders

Margarita Koutsoumbas

Tracy Yorker

Ed Harrington

Margo Toner

Travis Duncan

Eddy Perry

Maria Ales

Travis Duncan

Elizabeth Pratt

Maria Azpitarte

Tuyet Tran

Eric Knutson

Maria Kang

Vanessa Williams

Erik Oberholtzer

Mark Pickett

Varin Keokitvon

Erik Scheel

Marlene Enriquez-Campos

Wayne Smith

Fowsiyo Mohamed

Marti Rickel

Willie Williams

Frieda Fairman

Marzeneb Teklemicael

Yen Nguyen

Gabino Montanez

Matilda Almgren

Yengussie Yigzaw

Gebrehiwot Zelelew

Matthew Villanueva

Zachary Hunter